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Wrap Around Service Facilitators

Miami County:
Amanda Castilleja 913-557-9096

Franklin County:
Karen Hamilton 785-242-3780

Wrap Around Facilitation

This involves the assessment of the child and family strengths and needs. This community-based plan will identify the specific goals, objectives, responsibilities, timelines, outcomes and performances. This will emphasize building collaboration and coordination among family, caretakers, service providers, educators and community resources.

Independent Living/Skill Building

These services are designed to assist youth in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community-based settings. Activities are designed to foster eventual or intended ability to live independently within a community setting. Activities enhance the child mastery of social and environmental components related to family, school, work and living in the community. This service includes assistance with development, acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills necessary to enable the individual to reside in a non-institutional setting. This service includes budgeting, shopping, and working, engaging in recreational activities with peers, peer to peer support and appropriate social and work skills to remain in the community. This service is provided by trained staff who will provide modeling, direction and support to children and adolescents.

Additional Community Based Services:

Attendant Care

This is a one-to-one support in natural locations within the community such as where the person lives, works or socializes. This may include, but is not limited to, direct support and supervision in accomplishing the activities of daily living. This support is provided to the consumer and or the family to maintain daily routines critical to a stable lifestyle.

Case Management

This service consists of face-to-face contact with an individual in usual community locations where the person lives, works or socializes. The objective of this service is to develop interpersonal relationships, self-care skills, an understanding of emotional-disturbances and life situations to adapt to community settings. A case manager identifies strengths, resources, natural supports, participates in tracking and monitoring progress in meeting goals identified in the treatment plan. These interventions can fall in the areas of achieving levels of concentration, task orientation and the establishment and maintenance of effective communication with others. This support can assist in achieving academic progress, supportive counseling and solution-focused interventions. Medication education, as it’s objective to develop skills for the individual or family to comply. Case management can implement the crisis plan identified or seek support from clinical staff.

Home-Based Therapy

This is a client-centered treatment designed to focus attention and change specifically within the family. In-home therapy is covered only for the purpose of preventing the out-of-home placement of a child under 18 years of age. A home-based intervention does the following:

Psychosocial Treatment Group

This is a self-contained, goal directed group designed to assist families in minimizing or resolving the effects of mental and emotional impairments. Group activities shall assist individuals in daily problem-solving, the improvement of social skills, providing leisure time training, the promotion of health and the enhancement of personal relationships. The maximum number of consumers for each staff is four. Transportation to group activities during the group session is included as a service of the psychosocial treatment group.

Guided Information for Families Today (GIFT)

G.I.F.T. is a parents group designed to educate and inform parents about resources available in our community as well as rights that are legally theirs while advocating for their children.

Parent Support and Training

A Parent Support Specialist is a parent of a child with severe emotional or behavioral problems, who is trained to offer information, advocacy, and support to other families who have children with severe emotional or behavioral disorders.

This service benefits the child through activities in their home and community. Activities include coaching and assisting the family with increasing their knowledge and awareness of their child needs, the process of interpreting choices offered by service providers, schools, IEPs, explanation and interpretations of policies, procedures and regulations that impact the child living in the community, and ensuring the choice/voice of the family is heard. Support is given in the teaching of parenting skills to parents through a group and or individual model to improve or enhance abilities to parent children in a positive, acceptable manner. Services are provided in a teaching, training method and may include role-play, discussion, audio-visual, written materials, homework assignments or other methods.

Respite Care

This service provides short term and temporary direct care and supervision for youth. The primary purpose is relief to families/caretakers of a child with a severe emotional disturbance. The service is designed to help meet needs of primary caretakers as well as children. These activities include aid in the home, getting a child to school or program and aid after school, at night and/or any combination of the above. Respite care can be an in-home service, or provided in other community settings. Services are limited to 300 hours per year.

Our Mission
The Elizabeth Layton Center provides effective mental health services in our
communities so that quality of life is improved for our clients and their families.

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