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Elizabeth Layton was a woman who touched and enriched many people's lives through her art. What distinguishes Elizabeth Layton's drawings from others is their breadth, their freshness, and their expression of hope. Few artist have depicted such far reaching social concerns such as capital punishment, homelesssness, hunger, racial prejudice, AIDS, aging and the right to die. Her overriding message of hope can be seen best in her frequent use of rainbows. Each drawing challenges us to walk in the shoes of the less forunate. Each drawing urges us to work not just for a kinder and gentler nation but for a kinder and gentler self. The most amazing part of it all is that Elizabeth was a largely untrained great-grandmother living in a small town. She took one contour drawing art class at the age of 68 while fighting a 35 year depression. By taking that art class she cured her depression and changed the lives of many.

"She is the van Gogh of contour drawing." The Washington Times

"I am tempted to call Layton a genius." New York Magazine

"Layton's point of view is first humanist & then ferociously feminist. She turns stereotypes inside out." The Washington Post

"Her art bursts forth with strong statements in favor of racial tolearnce, peace, understanding & compassion." Parade Magazine

For more information on Elizabeth Layton visit her website at http://www.elizabethlayton.com/




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