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Staff Directory

Administration | Board of Trustees | Clinical Staff | Glossary

Board of Trustees
County Representation
Keith Tully, President - Board Chair Miami
Donna Dornes , Vice President Franklin
Darlene Armstrong, Secretary Franklin
Richard U. Nienstedt, Treasurer Franklin
David Cannon Miami
LeRoy Elliott Miami
Stephen Feinstein, PhD Miami
Paula Huss Franklin
Nelda Jeffery Miami
Stan Lantis Franklin
Judy Welter Miami
Jeff Jones (CBS Representative) Franklin
Debra Horne (CSS Representative) Franklin


Diane Zadra Drake, ARNP, AAPS
Executive Director
Perry Chapman , CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
Gerald Gambrill, MD
Medical Director
Amy Wacker, LPC
Director of Community Based Services
Leslie Bjork, PsyD, LP
Clinical Director
Kiki Gladman
Executive Integration Specialist
Jennifer Stanley, LMLP, LAC
Director of Community Support Services

Clinical Staff
Franklin County Providers Miami County Providers
Robin Burgess, LSCSW, LCAC

Reg Ayres, LCP, LMLP, LCAC

Cynthia Byrd, LPC Ronda Brin, T-LMSW
Tamara Canterbury, APRN, LCAC Dana Butler, LSCSW, LCAC
Jacqueline Cunningham, ARNP Bruce Cappo, Ph.D., LP, LCAC
Jay Logan, LSCSW, LCAC Barbara Cordts, LCP, LCAC
Delayne May, LCPC Megan Darling, PsyD, LP
Shani McCurry, LCP, LCAC Donald Wade Davis, LMSW
Megan McFadden, TLMLP Amanda Drescher, LMFT
Regina Nowatzke, LSCSW Rebecca Franklin, LSCSW
Matthew Schurman, LMSW Jennifer Jackson-Colburn, LSCSW
Peggy Southard, LCMFT, LCAC Donna Johnson, LCP, LCAC
John Troutman, LSCSW Kristin Kay, LMSW
Donna Washington, LMLP Telisa Purdy, LMLP
Andrew Whitmore, PsyD, LP, LCAC Betsy Scott-Teigen, LMSW
Kimberley Wood, LPC, LCAC Michael Straw, LPC, LCAC
Erin Wyrick, LCPC Emily VanLeeuwen, PsyD, LP
  Barbara Winkleman, DO

Glossary of Acronyms
LSCSW Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker
LMSW Licensed Masters Social Worker
LCP Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist
LMLP Licensed Masters Level Psychologist
LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist

LP Licensed Psychologist
LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
LCPC Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
ARNP Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
MD Medical Doctor
DO Doctor of Osteopathy
AAPS Addiction and Prevention Services Certification

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