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Batterer's Intervention Programming

The Elizabeth Layton Center for Hope and Guidance (ELC) is pleased to announce new Batterer's Intervention Programming available in Franklin County beginning in January 2010. This programming has been made possible through partnership with the Ottawa Police Department and its two-year award of grant funding through the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women. Other community partners include GaDuGi Safe Center and Court Appointed Special Advocates from Lawrence, Kansas. The ELC program is overseen by Clinical Director, Leslie Bjork, PsyD, LP.

The Batterer's Intervention Program at ELC is based upon the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Program, Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter. This cognitive-behavioral educational curriculum emphasizes offender accountability as well as protection for survivors of ongoing violence through a coordinated community response. Approximately 27 weeks in duration, this group-based program engages offenders in critical thinking and self-reflection exercises in an effort to analyze their abusive behaviors and make steps toward positive change. The groups are co-facilitated by a male and female clinician licensed through the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board. Curriculum themes include Nonviolence, Non-threatening Behavior, Respect, Support and Trust, Accountability and Honesty, Sexual Respect, Partnership, and Negotiation and Fairness. Active participation, consistent attendance and commitment to nonviolence are some requirements of successful program completion.

Participants interested in receiving Batterer's Intervention Programming must first complete an intensive assessment process. This process determines appropriateness of entry into the program, as well as screening for conditions which may require additional treatment referral (i.e. substance abuse, mental illness). If assessment results support referral to Batterer's Intervention Programming, the offender must first attend an individualized orientation session focused on review of program rules and requirements, prior to initiating group services.

For more information on Batterer's Intervention Programming, or to schedule services, please contact the ELC Intake Coordinator at (785) 242-2183.

Our Mission
The Elizabeth Layton Center provides effective mental health services in our
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