Success Stories

Jackie and Debbie

Jackie and Debbie first met in 5th grade and continued to go to school together through high school graduation. Little did they know that some 20 years later, they would be reunited thanks to the Compeer program.

Jackie chose to become involved in the program several years ago, primarily because her children were grown and she was missing the feeling of being needed and depended upon. Pairing up Jackie and Debbie seemed very natural, as they were already friends from years ago.

They currently enjoy going places together and have a great time around each other. They both feel they "understand one another," and that helps them to have an even better relationship.

Twilla and Pam

Twilla and Pam attended the same church. One day, Pam approached Twilla and asked if she would be her Compeer friend. That was approximately 8 years ago! Today their friendship continues to grow. They have children and grandchildren that are about the same ages and enjoy each other's company a great deal.

Some days they just talk on the phone, many times they attend Compeer functions together. Twilla feels very fortunate to have such a great friend like Pam. She feels she, "gets so much out of their relationship."

Kay and Traci

Kay became involved as a Compeer volunteer following the death of a loved one. Kay and Traci's friendship began to grow when Traci's mom became ill and also passed away as the result of the same illness. Thankfully, they had each other through these difficult times.

They now enjoy attending Compeer events together and going out to eat. Their friendship continues to grow and flourish.