ELC Leadership Team:

Leslie Bjork, PsyD, LP
Executive Director

Gerald Gambrill, MD
Medical Director

Perry Chapman, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Donna Johnson, LCP, LCAC
Director of Quality Assurance/Risk Management

Melissa Bustamante, LPC
Clinical Director

Amy Wacker, LPC
Director of Community Based Services

Megan Darling, PsyD, LP
Director of Community Support Services

Briana Madsen
Human Resources Director

Kiki Heck
Director of Operations – Franklin County

Loree Love
Director of Operations – Miami County

John Schlegel
IT Director

Miami County Clinicians:


Dana Butler, LSCSW, LCAC

Lisa Cannady, LSCSW

Bruce Cappo, PhD, LP, LCAC

Barbara Cordts, LCP, LCAC

Diane Zadra Drake, MN, APRN, LCAC

Ashley Subuh, LMFT

Allison Jackson, LPC

Amy Lauterbach, LMLP, LAC

Telisa Purdy, LMLP

Betsy Scott-Teigen, LSCSW

David Walter, LPC

Franklin County Clinicians:

Kristin Antony, APRN

Robin Burgess, LSCSW, LCAC

Samantha Cervetti, LMSW

Tamara Canterbury, APRN, LCAC

Shana Gorton, LMSW

Amanda Halling, LPC

Delayne May, LCPC

Shani McCurry, LCP, LCAC

Emilie Swartz, LSCSW

Ryan Wands, LMSW

Josh Hypse, PsyD, LMLP

Diamone Davis, T-LMLP

Heather ROberts, LPC

Kimberley Wood, LPC, LCAC